Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cannon Fire Regrets

Cannon Fire has a little too much reality for me today. I really should know better than to visit that blog, but I was sick of Torts and Contracts and "Due Process" and assorted gems found in the old, now dead Republic, and figured I'd see how the Empire was coming along...

Evidently - it's coming along just fine complete with the usual healthy doses of Dark Irony.

Although the FBI is supposed to vet everyone who gets White House press credentials, "Gannon" seems to have slipped past them on a daily basis. His name, it turns out, isn't Jeff Gannon -- it appears to be James D. Guckert. And the "Gannon" web page is owned by the same person who owns a number of sites Republicans might consider unsavory -- sites such as, and

Could a gay prostitute have whored himself out to the Bushites?

Guckert recently claimed that he merely put those web sites together for others. Perhaps -- but why would he be listed as the owner? And why would his only known clients have gay links?

CANNON FIRE HAS ... (Paul Harvey voice) .... The rest of the story...


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