Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why Bush Winning Will Be a Good Thing ™

For those of you who know me – the caption to this entry is without a doubt confusing. Despite being a lifelong registered Republican (that will also come as a surprise to many of my friends) - I am no fan of George Bush. With that being said, I will explain why George Bush winning this November might end up being the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats in nearly 60 years.

While I despise the Democratic Party, I absolutely hate the Republican Party - but they have my respect. They are focused, disciplined and they know how to fight. It is a bizarre spectacle to watch Kerry attack Bush not from the left – but from his right flank. Kerry would send in more troops, more money, more resources, and I presume somehow get more allies to sign on board, because – well – he’s John Kerry and world leaders will like him better. While the latter is in fact probably true, I think the rest is wishful thinking.

Our allies (I use the term loosely) are not idiots, and unless we’re going to bribe them with huge amounts of cash or something they deeply want, they’re not about to rush off and stick their heads in this vice just because we ended up picking Kerry over Bush. It’s a weak argument and I don’t buy it.

The party that once represented the closest thing to “labor” in this country has devolved into an amalgam that the people it once represented have a hard time relating too. When I think of “Democrat” or “liberal”, I am sorry to say – I think of a guy wearing a dress demanding a sex change operation paid for by taxpayers. That’s the image out there these days - and it is a bad one. The Democrats need to fix this image – and quick, because as a practical matter it’s not really accurate or even true, but in America “image” means more than substance.

I’ve heard it said that the Democrats should avoid building a new house while the current one is on fire; a good point, and one that I once agreed with. Not anymore. Not only do I think the house needs to burn down, I think it needs to be bull dozed, it's remains hauled to the dump (and covered over), it’s foundation double-checked and maybe replaced, and an entirely new house built – without the pink coat of paint, plaid window dressings, black window trim and purple-glow porch light. No matter how appealing this may look to some – this kind of house just isn’t going to sell in the current market.

The new house of Democrats needs to look like the people it once represented: the working class, and this is a pretty big class in America. Republicans hold this mantel while, in truth, are doing more to consistently screw the majority in the name of the majority while benefiting a teeny tiny minority. This is why I admire (yet hate) the Republicans. I marvel at how they’ve managed to take an entire group of people and force them to pick up the tab for their own demise while at the same time convince them that everything taking place is for their own good. I must concede, any group that sharp prevailing over a group this dumb just about deserves full-unbridled power!

Or do they? And is the average-Joe in America really this stupid?

No. He’s not.

He might not be the sharpest tack in the box, but he is not stupid. He is worried. He is concerned, and I think – he is confused, and this is the fulcrum of failure on the part of the Democratic leadership of today to fully grasp and understand and work with. Joe would like a choice and what the Democrats are offering in the form of Republican-Lite is just not compelling.

The good part about the (in some ways I admit unfortunate) defeat of Kerry in November will be that maybe, at last, the Democrats will clean house and purge itself of its demons and get back to representing progressive causes (affordable healthcare, decent wages, roads, bridges, public transportation, infrastructure, affordable education, etc…), work toward restoring civil liberties in our society, drop the sissy attitude, and start to stand for something Joe-Average can finally sign up for.

One can only hope, and I admit, like oil it seems to be in short supply.


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