Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Promptergate: Ignorance Really is Bliss

My wife is a very bright woman and I am, all too often - forced to face the fact that the wrong person is attending law school. Her ability to reason and cut through nonsense is so much better than my own that within 60 seconds she can make me feel like an idiot. My ego never lasts long around my wife, and like health food this is probably a good thing that happens to taste bad.

The other day I was going on and on about Promptergate, the vast right-wing media in America, Cheney flat-out-lying –twice- on national TV and getting away with it, not to mention what I still believe is the possibility that Bush suffers from a potentially fatal disease, and so on. Blah Blah Blah Blah.

Her answer to all of my ranting and raving was as simple as it was disheartening, and at the same time strangely refreshing: “It doesn’t matter”, she says, “because people don’t care about such things. Why don’t you do something that people care about?”

These were not her exact words, but close enough and sufficiently ego deflating, and as you can already tell – I have a Super-Sized ego.

It doesn’t matter…

When I posted my little Promptergate piece that was mostly a jumping off point to better sources, my hit rate started going through the roof. Some search engines I had never even heard of picked it up and gave it a high ranking, and one of the major ones had me ranked with the big boys for a surprisingly long time. Typically a dozen unique visitors at most would show up and read my blog on any given day, now it’s substantially more than that - a lot more. It just keeps going up and up. I’m sure after I post this, it will start going back down.

As much as I want to add my voice to what is taking place in my country and help chronicle what I see as the final gasps of the Republic as it gives way to Empire (and an incompetently managed one at that), it’s just not in me – at least not from the conspiracy angle.

God (and maybe Google) only knows the number of web sites and blogs that are jam packed with facts, information, and untold truths about this regime – and it makes little or no impact (Bush is currently ahead in the polls). Those of us that follow this stuff are largely preaching to the choir and the few strays that wander our way are probably more annoyed than enlightened.

While I suspect those of us here in Blogger land get our information over the internet and from a broad-spectrum of sources, most of America still eats the stuff fed to them by CNN or Fox News or other similar entertainment venues. It’s worse than beating a dead horse, it’s more like beating a dead gnat, at least with the horse there’s some meat to work with, but with a gnat there’s nothing.

I’m going to shift my blog focus back to the quiet and interesting hell that is law school, the law itself, legal subjects, and maybe every now and then a Linux or tech posting.

Unfortunately… for some of us there is no going back. Once one explores the swamps of conspiracy, and actually starts to make connections too frightening for average Joes to bother with let alone believe – it’s over.

The Truth is Out There, and when you find it, you really start to wish you hadn’t.


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