Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush Wins 90% of Popular Vote

In my world – Bush easily won 90% of the vote.

I do not know a single person who voted for Kerry, although I know OF a few people who claim to be Kerry supporters and I assume voted accordingly.

ALL of my in laws are hard-core rabid Bush fans. They are not merely pro-Bush, they LOVE George Bush and sincerely believe he is perhaps just short of ordained by God. With one exception, an uncle of mine who fought in WWII and Korea, my opposition to Bush is mostly mine alone with respect to family. Even my 9 year old says he is going to vote for Bush, and given that I live in Taliban Christian Fundamentalist/GOP Controlled Territory - I suspect his vote will get counted before mine ever sees the light of day.

Friends who, frankly, have probably become at best “acquaintances” thanks to my political opposition to Bush are equally enthusiastic in their support for all things GOP. In fact, they regard the past 4 years as among some of the best this country has ever had with respect to getting the nation on “the right track” after suffering eight “Godless” years of Clinton.

The last Civil War in this country pitted brother against brother and son against father. A new, slowly emerging civil war of a different stripe is emerging in this country with similar affect. My in laws tolerate my existence, my own relatives are likewise (barely) tolerant and equally mystified as to how I can be so “ignorant” and fail to see Jesus and Bush in the same light. I have days where I just want to pack my bags and leave for Canada/New Zealand/France/Mars.

I think they have gone completely mad. They think I am an over-educated idiot. A big part of me, in some strange way, sincerely hopes that today - they get their way and win.

Ever drive down the highway, minding your own business, and suddenly notice in your rear view mirror a big ass MF weaving in and out of traffic, going 130mph, flipping people off, driving like a moron and being a danger to everyone else on the road? Every now and then we all encounter such people on the highway of life. Have you ever… deep down … wished (or hoped) that they would either (a) wreck big-time or (b) get nailed by the cops or (c) – both?

I think that sums up my feelings about this election.

Viva Bush.


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