Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Byblos - Middle Eastern Cuisine: The ONE thing I will miss about Lansing

Byblos is a little middle eastern cuisine place near Cooley. Some may differ with me on this place, but I have found their food downright addictive. On occasion I will make a special trip downtown and fight the crappy parking situation just to eat at this place.

If you are going to Cooley and find yourself wondering where to eat downtown, and want to skip all the fancy shmancy expensive places - try Byblos at 205 SW. Washington Square. The Shish Tawook Combo is my favorite, although lately I've been going heavy on the Shish Kafta and the Majadara can be a nice change from the norm. I've had just about everything they offer and not once did I eat something that fell short of being fresh, delicious, tasty and of the highest quality (yikes, I'm starting to sound like the ads in my 1926 editions of Business magazine).

I will miss Byblos.


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