Thursday, March 31, 2005

Capitol Bill Aims to Control "Leftist" Profs

Republicans on the House Choice and Innovation Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to pass a bill that aims to stamp out “leftist totalitarianism” by “dictator professors” in the classrooms of Florida’s universities.

It's an old story, but when I first heard about it the bill was pending, but now it seems to have passed.


At Friday, April 01, 2005 9:36:00 AM, Anonymous grannylaw said...

So, they want tort reform so those injured due to medical malpractice and drug company malpractice can't sue but they want college students who don't want their beliefs challenged to be able to sue.

I'm beginning to regret that I'm too old to move to Canada.

At Friday, April 01, 2005 2:21:00 PM, Blogger MajQa' said...

Get a six month visa and keep renewing it. I don't think they'll care in either country, since you can't be drafted.

You'd need to take a semester or two of classes in Canada to sit for the bar, and with some luck you could probably eventually get to stay after working the right connections in their system.

Downside: Canada will be invaded by the Condi Rice Administration circa 2010 - they have oil plus a fair number of its citizens speak French. With a combo like that, how could America resist?

Have you ever considered New Zealand? Parts of it are like San Diego (weather wise) year round.

At Friday, April 01, 2005 4:22:00 PM, Anonymous grannylaw said...

Canada -- too cold. I'm a sunshine girl.

New Zealand -- too far away from those cute grandkids of mine.

Guess I'll just have to stay here & see if I can help make changes from w/in.


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