Friday, March 04, 2005

Law School Exams: Artificial Intelligence

This is perhaps the single best piece of the strange world of law school exams and the bar that I have ever encountered. It is simply OUTSTANDING! A MUST READ.

"A young lawyer at a small law firm was assigned the task of filing a complaint in a commercial law case. As fate would have it, he blew the statute of limitations by a couple of days. And then he panicked. Rather than admit his error, he created a dummy complaint with a dummy date stamp, and told the client that the case had been filed. He kept the client informed of the "progress" of the phony case for nearly a year, and then reported that, regrettably, it had been dismissed on summary judgment. The client, who was no chump, figured out what had happened and complained to the firm. Needless to say, the young fellow was promptly fired and reported to the disciplinary authorities. This is where my friend came in. He represented the lawyer in the disciplinary proceeding and managed to save him from disbarment, although the poor fool was suspended for three years. But that is not the extent of the disaster. As my friend put it: "Three years later, on the day the suspension ended, the statute of limitations had not yet expired on the underlying case." Relying on his memory, the young lawyer had misunderstood the law, with ruinous consequences. "

I learned about the article from NYCLAWCHIC. The article has really made my day (er... night).


At Saturday, March 05, 2005 4:13:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG what an idiot. Its things like that that confirm I'll someday make a decent attorney.



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