Tuesday, April 05, 2005

U.S. to Require Passport To Re-Enter Country

Repost from Slashdot:

"The CBC is reporting that starting in 2007, most Canadians will require a passport to cross into the United States and by 2008 Americans who crossed freely into Canada will be unable to return to the United States without a passport. The tougher new rules still allow Canadians to cross without being fingerprinted, but every person from any other country will be required to submit to fingerprinting." From the article: "Currently, Canadians and Americans are able to enter the United States with little more identification than a driver's licence or a birth certificate, though a passport has sometimes made it simpler to satisfy immigration officers at the border."


At Tuesday, April 05, 2005 10:13:00 PM, Blogger mquest said...

National SPY-D (I.D.) card comming soon.

At Tuesday, April 05, 2005 10:22:00 PM, Blogger MajQa' said...

Is that gonna ROCK or what!? Think of it - getting to carry around our own Spy ID cards with RF tags.

I hope they include a super-secret decoder ring. Always wanted one of those.

At Tuesday, April 05, 2005 10:39:00 PM, Blogger Orangina said...

So I'll have to renew my passport just to go to Windsor. Goody.

At Wednesday, April 06, 2005 12:05:00 PM, Blogger MajQa' said...

That seems to be the case. Mind you that by making it harder to get back into the country from Canada, the US is also indirectly discouraging people from LEAVING the country into Canada.

The next thing coming down the pike will be "processing delays" - Americans are going to find it increasingly difficult to get passports and hence travel freely.


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