Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Only The Sith Think In Absolutes

This is how liberty dies -- to thunderous applause."So observes Queen Amidala of Naboo as the galactic senate grants dictator-to-be Palpatine sweeping new powers in his crusade against the Jedi...

...At one point, Darth Vader, already deep in the thrall of the dark side and echoing the words of George W. Bush, hisses at Obi-Wan, 'If you're not with me, you're my enemy.' Obi-Wan's response is likely to surface as a bumper sticker during the next election campaign: 'Only a Sith thinks in absolutes.' "...

...Lucas said he has long been interested in the transition from democracy to dictatorship.

"In ancient Rome, 'why did the senate, after killing Caesar, turn around and give the government to his nephew?' Lucas said. 'Why did France, after they got rid of the king and that whole system, turn around and give it to Napoleon? It's the same thing with Germany and Hitler.'

" 'You sort of see these recurring themes where a democracy turns itself into a dictatorship, and it always seems to happen kind of in the same way, with the same kinds of issues, and threats from the outside, needing more control. A democratic body, a senate, not being able to function properly because everybody's squabbling, there's corruption.' "


At Tuesday, May 17, 2005 8:46:00 PM, Blogger mquest said...

Yep. Now what?

At Wednesday, May 18, 2005 11:56:00 AM, Blogger MajQa' said...

We will experience incredible horror. It's gonna rock bro!

I guess it's a win/win for everyone. The Siths/Republicans get to become engorged with unlimited power, and the fundamentalists get to eliminate the judicial system and replace it with Biblical Law PLUS hasten the return of Jesus Christ!

This is like one of the coolest, most awesome times to be alive! The End Times brought to us by Proctor & Gamble, Hailburton, Enron and Pat Robertson plus a cast of characters that look as evil as they really are!

It seems life mimicks art... or... maybe it's the other way around. Hard to tell these days.

At Wednesday, May 18, 2005 10:31:00 PM, Blogger mquest said...

Should I take up Prayer?

At Thursday, May 19, 2005 7:02:00 PM, Blogger MajQa' said...

That's certainly something to consider.

At Friday, May 20, 2005 11:29:00 AM, Blogger mquest said...

If I carry a bible everywhere I go I am sure they will not pick me up of the street in the first few sweeps.

Must get my credit in order. I do not want to be one of those undesirable types. The corporation will be on the lookout for non consumers-- and non payers.

Cowboy hat. Must look like a red stater. I wonder if I will sweat to much with the tinfoil under the hat.

At Friday, May 20, 2005 3:53:00 PM, Blogger MajQa' said...

No, no. A bunch of sweat is PERFECT, plus you have the side benefit of the tinfoil.

How big is your car? Don't tell me you're one of those vegan hippie types that drive around in an old VW Bus. You better ditch that bro. At least get something manly and American - you know - like a Hummer. If you get a Hummer you ARE IN bro. That baby has "Chosen Member of The Elect 144,000 written all over it). They won't even ask for ID as you go through the border check points (just make sure you put the fish symbol next to the Bush/Rice 2008 bumper sticker).


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