Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Concord Law School - The 5th Minnesota Law School?

A very old essay on Concord circa 2000, but interesting none the less given Concord graduates pass the California state bar at a rate well above those of Cooley graduates - not to mention dozens of ABA and California Bar 20th century style schools.

With the University of St. Thomas opening its doors in the fall of 2001, Minnesota will have three private law schools and a state law school located within a few minutes of each other. Collectively, these four schools will eventually graduate more than 900 lawyers a year. With annual full-time tuition at the private schools hovering around $20,000, and student loan obligations for many graduates exceeding $90,000, is there room for a fifth law school designed to accommodate well-qualified persons who simply can’t afford this kind of debt? A school that is open to persons looking for a change in their jobs or seeking to enhance their present careers? One that recognizes that some persons must continue to work at their present jobs to keep bread on the family table and who can’t afford the traditional part-time tuition? A law school that could deliver a solid four-year legal education with annual tuition of about $5,000?

While some may argue that such a law school is not feasible, they probably have not taken a careful look at the Concord University Law School, which opened in October 1998. Concord’s tuition is only $4,800 a year and a juris doctor degree can be attained after four years of study. Its stated mission is to provide a legal education to qualified students who without it could not obtain a law degree.


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