Thursday, July 07, 2005

Non-ABA University of La Verne College of Law must be doing something right.

La Verne’s February 2004 California Bar Pass rate was 67% and July 2004 pass rate was 82%. For several years running this non-ABA school has been churning out bar pass rates that exceed those of some of the expensive California ABA schools, yet for some reason the school can’t seem to secure anointing by the ABA. Perhaps the school needs more library books, comfy chairs or mahogany trim to meet the ABA’s high standards?

Cooley bar pass rate in California over the same period was 33% (July 2003), 0% (Feb 2003) and 33% (July 2004). Online Law School Concord had 25%, 43% and 50% respectively. In February 2004, Oakbrook showed a 73% pass rate.

* February 2005 results should be showing up soon...

California Bar Exam Results


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