Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mr Bass You Are a Cool One Indeed

I do not know Mr Bass, but he has one amazingly simple and useful website. Normally, I would probably just add this link beside all my other links I like, but this one needs special mention. is an excellent source for some of the coolest, off the wall, handy, useful geek tools for Windows and Linux users alike. I've used many a linux tool in my life to recover a Windows partition, so even if you don't use Linux the tools you'll find on this site might one day save you a pretty penny.

I like the fact that his website isn't really biased for or against any one set of tools. If it's cool and useful, Linux or Windows or otherwise, it'll probably make its way on to the MrBass's website.

If you have broadband you'll appreciate Mrbass's fast pipe. I just downloaded the Ultimate Boot CD and must have hit just shy of 400 Mbs on my cable modem. Very nice indeed.


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