Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Installing Mono on Linux Mandrake 10

Every now and then I get an email thanking me for my instructions on installing Mono on Mandrake. I'm posting those instructions (also located on another blog) here solely in the interest of making them easier to find for those trying to shoehorn Mono into Mandrake.

For the few dozen of my regular visitors - this is boring stuff, unless you're keen on trying Mono on Mandrake. Also, as you may have figured out - I am not only an ex-contractor, skydiving instructor-wannabe, upcoming lawyer, but also a hardcore geek (and I look one too)!

Installing Mono on Mandrake 10...

Get to the console and add some "cooker" sources for urpmi. These are the Cooker sources I like to use (note each "urpmi" instruction is to be placed entirely on a single line - no CR's):

urpmi.addmedia cooker-contrib with media_info/

urpmi.addmedia cooker-main with media_info/

urpmi.addmedia cooker-plf with

After you've added the above, type...

urpmi mono

And mono 1.0 will be downloaded and installed on your system.


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