Friday, November 19, 2004

Not So Sure About Canada? Try New Zealand! It’s Warmer!

Canada IS kinda cold, but New Zealand seems warm enough even for Californians!

Seeing the potential in the results of Black Tuesday and the strong, burning, insatiable desire of some Americans to flee like hell - New Zealand created a special section for “United States Citizens” interested in becoming landed residents of New Zealand.

If you need a cathartic moment or just an excuse, any excuse, to avoid pounding law books in preparation for the hell that is finals – check out New Zealand website. Setting up an account to fill out forms, apply for immigration, and other good things, is free and can be conducted entirely online. I haven’t got to the part of actually paying to submit my application, but something tells me they take credit cards.

I wasted upwards of two whole hours distracting myself from Criminal Law and Property (I hate Property – hate it) by filling out the Expression of Interest form online. Instead of playing Spider Solitaire and KNOW you are wasting time, why not take a crack at the Expression of Interest form (it’s great fun) before Bush officially nominates Tom Delay as a Supreme Court Justice? Think of it as a tonic for the mind…


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