Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Why I Don't Like Microsoft; Why I Try Not To Use Their Products

I think Microsoft in so many ways represents everything that disgusts me about what is happening in this country - if not the world in general.

Here is a company (backed in large measure, not unlike SCO) that does one thing - it patents ideas. The real purpose of this is to stifle innovation and turn us into serfs on Bill Gates (and those like his ilk) plantation. Naturally, nothing will be done about in this country, but hopefully other nations will not cave so quickly. The Europeans haven't yet bent over for US demands, although odds are it is just a matter of time.

This story first appeared on Slashdot about a week ago, and now has made its way into the mostly useless so-called mainstream media. You'll need an extra Nicotine patch after reading it HERE.

UPDATE (Courtesy of Slashdot)

"Today Microsoft warned several Asian countries that using Linux could subject them to lawsuits, claiming that Linux violates '228 patents'. Apparently, Steve Ballmer believes he can enforce U.S. law in Asia." Ballmer is presumably speaking about this story. So, companies which sell insurance against lawsuits and companies which make competing products both warn of the dangers of using Linux. Maybe someone should point out that Microsoft is battling dozens of patent-infringement lawsuits itself, and any user of Microsoft software (including governments) could also be sued?


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