Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Wonder If There Is A Tort In Here Somewhere

These people used Windows. They lost $90,000 thanks to a Windows borne virus/trojan. They're probably screwed. All I can say is if they would have used Linux - they'd probably still have their $90,000.

The Ford Pinto had a nasty habbit of exploding if you looked at it wrong (well... ok... if you backed it into something fast enough or had someone rear-end you), and Windows is sort of the same way. If you use it long enough eventually it will barf all over you. Just give it time.

Did these people use ordinary care to safeguard their systems? I doubt it. At least, not what I would call ordinary or reasonable care, but perhaps to a jury ZoneAlarm or BlackIce or Norton is reasonable-care. Still...

I would love to sue the bank that REQUIRES a person to use Windows and Internet Exploder to conduct business, and then let them implead Microsoft into the hairball. Man, that would be fun. It would make getting a JD so, so, so worth it. Getting to fight evil - what a rush that would be.

It was only recently that my own bank opened things up a bit and made it possible for me to use something other than that God Damn Pile of Shit Internet Explorer to access my accounts online. I think banks or entities that force people to use such a poorly architected operating system should be held liable when they force customers to use such an insecure product. Using Windows for anything important, like online banking over the internet, is akin to forcing somone to drive around in Iraq in an poorly armored vehicle...


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