Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bush Preparing To Crackdown on Free Speech

Repost from Slashdot...

"Redstate has a chilling description of the FEC's original March 10 proposal to regulate political speech on the Internet. It would have been a 'regulatory minefield for bloggers' and may yet return." CNet has a view of this earlier language as well. It's important to note that the regulation has changed much since the initial draft. The FEC began consideration of more developed regulation language on Thursday. From the article: "So, the original attempt to regulate started with the premise that everything was to be regulated except that with limited distribution or on password-protected sites."


At Monday, March 28, 2005 9:05:00 AM, Blogger Mike Krempasky said...

Oh come now - your headline is nowhere near related to the article itself. For the record, the FEC passed an exemption for the internet by a vote of 4-2. (three Rep, one Dem). When the federal judge ruled that they had to go back and write rules, all three Republican members of the FEC voted to appeal, all three Democrats declined. Bush has nothing to do with this - and in fact, it's the Republicans standing up for speech, while the Dems are pushing regulation.

At Friday, April 01, 2005 4:24:00 PM, Blogger MajQa' said...

The headline... yes, well... I was *trying* to take a page out of the other sides playbook, but alas I'm just not terribly good at it - yet.

If you're ever in Arizona, be sure to stop by and I'll throw another steak and shimp on the grill for ya (you DO eat red meat - right?).

If you could get McCain Feingold repealed I might even start to like you.


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