Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Free "upgrade" to RealBasic for Visual Basic 6 Owners

RealSoftware is offering free upgrades to RealBasic 5.5 for current licensed owners of Visual Basic 6. Microsoft terminated support of Visual Basic 6.0 a couple of days ago, and not everyone wants to move to .NET or C#. I happen to like .NET (and mono for that matter), but the price is certainly hard to beat for RealSoftware's "uprade" or side-grade offer.

If you want to take RealSoftware up on their freebee, you'll need to give them your email address and they'll send you a license key to unlock the software package. You also need to promise that you own a license for Visual Basic 6.0, although the installer doesn't actually check or ask for the licence code itself.

Very clever and likewise effective marketing. The offer expires April 15th, 2005.


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