Friday, April 01, 2005

"Not For Sale," Part I: Present at the creation

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon's recent speech on ending democracy in America is a good segue for examining David G. Racer's explosive 1989 tract Not For Sale: The Rev. Sun Myung Moon And One American's Freedom, popular in conservative circles at the time and endorsed by ex-Washington Times editor James Whelan.

Excerpt: Nothing would destroy the conservative movement faster than to be linked inextricably to the Rev. Moon. I believe that Moon has plans for these conservatives, plans that would not please them...

Racer was a self-described New Right activist, uneasy in liberal Minnesota. An evangelical Christian, failed candidate, anti-Communist and staunch opponent of gay rights, he was thrilled when a wealthy new group, the American Freedom Coalition, promised to galvanize conservatives and roll back "godless" policies.

Writes Racer: "Who knows, I thought, we might even be able to name someone like Robert Bork to the United States Supreme Court some day!"


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