Wednesday, May 18, 2005

From The Stuff You Don't Hear About In America Dept: Briton blasts U.S. accusers

A flamboyant British lawmaker transformed a Senate hearing room into a personal soapbox for his defiant anti-war views yesterday, turning on his American accusers with equal parts sarcasm and venom.

"Now, I know that standards have slipped over the last few years in Washington, but for a lawyer, you're remarkably cavalier with any idea of justice," Galloway told Coleman.

He also took exception to charges that he had met with Saddam "many times," saying he had met the deposed Iraqi leader twice, the same number of times as Rumsfeld.

Coleman listened placidly, but afterward, he told reporters he didn't find Galloway a credible witness and said if he had lied, there would be "consequences."

"I am afraid the liars are on the other side of this argument," Galloway responded in a CNN interview.

Galloway also accused Coleman of recycling discredited newspaper accounts which accused him of receiving $10 million (U.S.) from Saddam.

He sued the newspapers, won and the documents were proved to be forgeries.


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