Monday, November 15, 2004

Suffer from Depression?

Are you a law student i.e. are you depressed? Even worse, are you a Democrat astonished at the volume of paperwork required to become a landed resident of Canada/Ireland/New Zealand?

Allow me to make a suggestion: The 7mg Nicotine Patch, or if you’re in really bad shape – the 14mg dosage.

The cynical side of me has long wondered why the government / Republicans have been anxious to destroy tobacco. After doing some research, I believe I have found the answer. Nicotine is not only a mood enhancer and overall wonder drug (it makes you feel good, hence it is a tool of Satan), it also has shown positive results as a treatment for everything from ADD to Alzheimer’s disease.

One side effect that seems to happen with a fair number of people is the occurrence of vivid dreaming. Being a male in his mid-30's, I saw lots of upside to vivid dreaming that I probably don’t need to go into. As it turns out, none of my vivid dreams have morphed into the porn epics I was aiming for, and I suspect the reason for this is that deep down my subconscious mind is oblivious to my Monastic life style. In fact, my first vivid dream involved working out a computer problem employed as a tech working for some nondescript company. When I woke up, I felt like I had just put in a full days work at a low wage geek job trying to get a PowerPoint presentation to work on an overhead projector – because THAT WAS in fact the subject of the entire dream. Evidently, staring in the next Vivid Video porno courtesy of The Nicotine Patch doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

At first the vivid dreams will shock you, in large measure because they will probably be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Dreams become longer and more coherent. It’s as if every night is a new mini-series brought to you by your subconscious mind and Nicotine.

The Patch increased my ability to focus (without having to resort to cigarettes) while at the same time providing some surprising insights into the workings of my own psyche with vivid dreaming. Given the range of benefits offered by the patch, not to mention it being an exceptional tool to quit smoking, I suspect it is only a matter of years if not months before the “warning” bells will sound by the Orwellian-GOP types in government calling for its ban or strict re-regulation. Until then – if you smoke and/or are depressed and/or are a law student (hence depressed and probably a newly created chain smoker), The Patch is something you may want to consider exploring - before becoming a full blown chain smoker.


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