Friday, December 17, 2004

Criminal Law – Mistress Danger’s Dungeon of Hurtful Pleasures

Criminal law exam was almost fun. I say almost, because like every law school exam I automatically assume I failed it and start realizing on the way home all of the things I missed, wondering if I barfed out the right rule, or any rule for that matter. I’m doing that now and starting to feel kinda uneasy, but not like yesterday. Torts sucked.

I would compare my Criminal Law exam and my Torts exam as being the difference between being lovingly tortured in Mistress’s Dangers Dungeon of Hurtful Pleasures or a weekend at an American-run Iraqi prison. In one, I am teased, taunted and whipped with soft leather by a sexy albeit inaccessible mistress, and in the other I am just plain tortured and twisted into a human pyramid of misery while people take pictures. I’m not into the whips and leather thing, but I’d definitely take it over the latter.

So – Criminal Law was fun, so if I crashed and burned with it… at least it wasn’t quite as traumatic as Torts.

Tomorrow is Property. I might as just well play darts with that one.


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