Friday, December 17, 2004

Up Next: Criminal Law

I have mixed feelings about how I will perform on today’s exam, but the class overall was probably one of my favorites. A sitting judge who, unlike some of his lawyer/professor counterparts, exuded (in my book) all of the mental and moral traits I could only dream of having when I grow up (I’m 37 and hoping to be a fully mature adult when I turn 40).

The subject matter could at times be a bit macabre, but The Judge had an interesting ability to simultaneously show sensitivity and strength. Regardless of how this class shakes out, I feel as if I came away with something that I can’t quite explain. Perhaps it was an archetypal template for the practice of law that I saw in the Judge that I liked, or maybe it was just a sense that I grasped a bigger picture of “Life and Law” than I did before… I don’t know. Something. I know I came away from this one with something, but I can’t quite articulate exactly what it was.


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