Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Dollar Falls Again (as usual)

This just wouldn't be Majqa's blog if I didn't have at least one posting per week about the US Dollar going to hell.

The US Dollar is going to Hell.

US Analysts mystified; massive tax cuts, roaring deficits, laughable lackluster job growth, and religious government - hell - what's not to like!? Stupid Europeans. Who cares what THEY think! We don't need their ... money... to finance.... our debt/taxcuts/wars... do we??


Good news! US Massive Deficits are just fine! Whew. I was getting worried for a minute, but Edward Prescott (on the short-list for replacing Greenspan no less) says "I don't see any problems with the US deficit."


At Wednesday, December 08, 2004 9:54:00 AM, Blogger Evan said...

Have you seen this great piece from the Economist?


At Wednesday, December 08, 2004 11:29:00 AM, Blogger MajQa' said...

Thanks for the link. Great article and it sums up the situation nicely.


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