Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Incredible Falling Dollar

This post is more for the record than anything else.

The Dollar hits a new record low.

What I find interesting is how the media never goes into why the Dollar is collapsing. An initial argument was that rising oil prices were linked in proportion to a falling Dollar, but now with the drop in oil prices why isn't the Dollar soaring? What is it about the US Dollar that caused currency traders the micro instant following Bush winning the election to head for the escape pods?

I think for starters - the world pretty much sees us for what we are. The werenotsorry website is a perfect example of most of my past coworkers mentality, not to mention friends and relatives. People giving the finger saying "Fuck You Yer-Up French Fags! I got ma guns! We's don need you! We got the Lord on our side! Who care what you think!" People in "old Europe" that used to fund our massive deficits have decided that since their input into our affairs is an automatic nullity - they'll just invest their money somewhere else. Hence, the falling Dollar.


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