Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hitting The Wall Called Finals

I've definitely hit the wall. I am staring at my Contracts outline and worrying about Criminal Law and Property. I can't seem to wrap my mind around Property and am lame with Criminal Law. I also curse that I didn't bulk up on supplements, hornbooks, etc, the very first day. Actually - I just curse everything now...

I look at my notes, outlines and other blather and wonder - "Is this stuff really all in my head? If so, where did I put it up there, because I sure as hell can't seem to find any of it now."

To get around this wall I am doing practice exams, but frankly - I would rather be doing almost anything than law right now. I have become physically dizzy with this stuff, plus the heater is going out in my apartment, plus I'm sick with something, oh - and I live in Michigan. All of this makes for a recipe that will soon have me taking orders from my dog.

God, it's moments like these where I feel I could be sooooo happy with just some job out there in the world. But I know that's not true. It's a LIE. It's ALL LIES I TELL YOU! LIES! (What's that Fluffy? The rifle? Yes? Obey you...?)

Perhaps it's time for a beer. No wait. Maybe coffee would be better. How about both? Perfect - coffee and beer mixed together equals ... law school.


At Thursday, November 25, 2004 1:48:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

or just get drunk, dave.


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