Saturday, January 29, 2005

Thomas Cooley Law School - – One of The Good Things Worth Mentioning

I feel I should mention a few things that I happen to genuinely believe to be excellent aspects of Cooley, and contrary to how it may seem based on some of my blog entries – Cooley has a lot of good elements that are definitely worth commenting on.

The Professors Are Excellent
This proved to be my biggest surprise. I knew beforehand that Cooley had a (I would argue false) reputation for being “the worst law school in the country”; therefore I feared my professors would reflect this notion. Nothing could be further from the truth. Forget the rubbish you come across on some of the law school discussion boards about Cooley – the professors at Cooley are probably one of the best things the school has to offer. Naturally some professors are better than others, but overall the teacher-quality is one of the big fat silver linings Cooley has to offer. Mind you this is only my personal opinion. Your own mileage may vary…

My 1L professors are not only outstanding teachers but excel in their “approachability” outside of class. They are not off writing their next book or making TV appearances or handing classes off to TA’s, instead they seem to focus on the work of producing what they feel will be good lawyers.

If you attend Cooley you may find yourself surprised to find that the classroom demeanor among many of the professors will stand in stark contrast to their one-on-one personalities. With rare exception, I have found all of my professors to be more than willing (if not outright eager) to help a student. Even those that seemed to be a bit tyrannical in class are typically open and friendly outside of class. My first term Contracts professor had (and still has) a reputation as being exceptionally tough, but outside of class the man was/is a virtual pussycat and welcomes drop-in visits by students. If you need help, you have to ask for it. At Cooley - knock and ye shall receive.

My current Contracts professor is a tough and demanding woman, but I also hold that she is an outstanding teacher. I am developing a deep respect for this professor not so much because she commands the floor (and is a wee bit intimidating), but because she is exceptionally clear and helpful in class. She does a quick and to-the-point review; next she gives the definitions and rules about what material is going to be covered, gets into the problems and briefs, and then wraps up. She is also very approachable after class and more than willing to discuss any issue that needs covering, but in the same token she demands professionalism and proper conduct from her students. Don’t screw around with her and she will bend over backwards to help you, as she is one of those professors that seem to love students.

My Torts professor is perhaps the most unique member of the entire cast of professor-characters that I have encountered thus far. This man is focused, clear, enjoyable to listen to (if you like Bill Clinton – and I happened to like Bill Clinton), and determined to see his students succeed. In fact, during the first day of class he commented on how he has been able to steadily reduce the fail rates of his students. Very few people fail his class, and rather than take that as a problem, he considers it a good sign that his teaching is becoming more effective. When any student fails he takes it upon himself to contemplate if and where he went wrong with the subject. He commands respect not by being a tyrant, but by being helpful, reflective and concise.

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