Sunday, March 27, 2005

Canada: Liberals doing well on health, economy: polls

...almost two-thirds said they felt that Canada is "generally headed in the right direction" with improvements seen in health, the environment overall and efforts to reduce child poverty.

Yes, but more importantly, do they have compassionate conservatism and the warm glow of a beloved-leaders prayers to surround them when they're going bankrupt, dying in wars or trying to pay their medical bills?

"...Least helpful for the growth, they said, were corporate tax cuts and business subsidies.

Last month's federal budget cut corporate taxes while critics complained that the Liberals spent relatively little on education and training.

Curiously, the erroneous perception that Ottawa is running a deficit continues to grow despite the fact last month's budget was the eighth consecutive balanced budget."

I guess Canadians watch Fox News - Canada hasn't had a budget deficit in nearly a decade (see above).


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