Saturday, April 16, 2005


I concluded after my first term that Cooley is big on memorization (closed book, closed notes exams - prefer students to reference memory over actual legal instruments), I set upon memorizing certain cases for among other things - Civ Pro. The prof in this class seems to like case citiations. So one of the games I came up with is/was ISHWALMHELL.

I - International Shoe "... traditional notions of fair play and justice..."
S - Shaffer v. Heitner - "Contacts, ties and relations - 3 way test - unilateral ties are not enough..."
H - Hanson v. Denkla - "...purposefully availed itself to the rights, privileges and obligations of the forum state..."
W - World Wide Volkswagon - some fairness stuff, I used it when dealing with Long Arm
A - Asahi Metal - An OEM in China, good to cite for barfing " of commerce" issues.
L - Long Arm Jurisdiction - turns lights on in my head about various Long Arm stuff.
M - Mullane - dealt with publication for service of process, and other SOP issues, etc.
Hell - Helcopteros - oil company in Texas screwed people that died in a copter crash in Columbia (long story). I was able to remember this case because it arose in Texas i.e. Hell and the result seemed evil (i.e. think Texas, Bush, etc) but had some rules/test worth citing.

I've got a bunch of these acroynms in my head now, hence unlike last term my essays cite cases and also at times rules verbatim. My analysis might still suck (I am, after all, a C student), but being a businessman my natural fallback position is to dazzle with bullshit (case citations, memorized rules).

I'll know sometime in June if it had any impact.


At Saturday, April 16, 2005 1:40:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful break! I'm sure you did well. Enjoy your wife and kids!


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