Thursday, October 28, 2004

Fun Videos and Such about Bush and Cheney

First up – a video I’ve been meaning to post and never got around to. This is an EXCELLENT video of Dick Cheney. I sure wish we had a press in this country that actually analyzed more than each other.

This video, in Real Media format (or use Helix if you’re using Linux) HERE:

I remember coming across this video of Bush drunk during the election season of 2000. My right wing Christian friends dismissed it. They’re neat people, I love many of them like family, but truth be told they make even better ostriches. Bush as drinker video can be found, among other places – HERE or HERE.

Bush acting like Al Gore (this video I admit is funny and unsettling - as Gore was kinda scary in his own way) is HERE.

Peace Little Daisy - A Classic is HERE.

Dick is a Killer. It’s funny for about, oh, the first 30 seconds, then it grows old. It’s HERE or HERE.

Bush being groomed and prepping for addressing the nation about the Iraq War. I don’t think this video is a big deal, but it’s HERE.

Bush – this one is funny and short.

Bush as the second WTC tower was hit. I’ve never thought this video was a big deal, but I guess some people are alarmed by the fact that Bush just sits there for something like 10 minutes and says nothing. It’s HERE.

Greg Palast - an interesting lecture can be found HERE.

A mildly funnny remix of Bush's State of The Union is HERE.

Test your Generation Gap HERE.

Bush giving one finger salute - HERE.

Found these thanks to another marginal law student (Law School Neurosis) HERE.

Video of Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan giving a speech about why college students don't believe a word Bush has to say about anything, let alone denying an impending draft.

Here is a nice song/video about the Bush administration, with a few cameos by other, um, well you'll see.

Bonus:Bill Maher video, just because it's funny on so many levels.

Note that these links will probably go silent pretty quick as Federal Empire of America forces take them down. Until then, enjoy.



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