Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bush's One Finger Salute - Bush Flips The Bird

George Bush giving the middle finger on video.

To enjoy and have a good laugh, see the QuickTime video - click here:

I know my fundamentalist friends and family, who never visit this site (fortunately), would love it as well seeing Bush act like ... Jesus?

Here's what's really scary - look how lucid Bush is in the video compared to the man he is today.

A few more interesting videos and multimedia goodies - click here.

Sometimes things are just too obvious - Cheney meeting Edwards - uhm - for the 3rd time.

I remember coming across this video of Bush during the election of 2000. My right wing Christian friends dismissed it. They’re neat people, I love many of them like family, but truth be told they make even better ostriches. Bush as drinker is – HERE or HERE.



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