Monday, November 15, 2004

Dollar Holler

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I predicted the Dollar collapse years ago, and that specific action would take place immediately after the election of George Bush. Now, traders are openly using the word “collapse” thanks to people like Treasury Secretary Snow running on PR-autopilot and recent word that Condi Rice might be Colin Powell’s replacement (God – all of this is enough to give me Shingles); I think a “collapse” of the Dollar is using too gentle of a term. Instead, the word “meltdown” seems more appropriate.

Thinking people i.e. people who opposed George Bush are not walking, but running away from the Dollar in what seems to be an approaching panic. I paid an extra $60 to have my new passport “expedited” to make my entrance into Canada a little smoother (buying some land, opening a bank account, etc), and now I’m waiting by the mailbox just as eagerly as I waited for my law school application results. Balancing all of this with law school finals is at the very least getting to be an interesting experience.

You don’t have to understand the charts to know what is happening. Generally speaking, when the lines on the chart point to the sky – that’s the Euro/Loonie/Kiwi – hell, take your pick, I think even the Peso is getting stronger against the Dollar. When the chart shows down arrows pointing to Hell (where Satan lives when he isn't busy meeting with Democrats - for our GOP readers), that’s the Dollar returning to its apparent point of origin.


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