Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Home of the Baheyeldin Dynasty

One of my passions is a thing called Linux. I not only love the technology that propels Linux, but I am equally fascinated by all of the geo-political aspects of the Free Software Movement. It is the antithesis of Microsoft (illegal monopoly) and Bush (elitism) rolled into a single movement, while simultaneously (and ironically) operating as a testament to free markets and individual liberty. Two concepts that seemingly oppose each other are glued together, somehow, in this thing called Linux.

While searching for information on Mandrake Linux I came across this site. It's one of those accidental links that happen while searching for one thing and winding up with something else. It's the family website of the Baheyeldin Dynasty.

The site itself is fairly eclectic, yet what struck me is the intriguing prospect that human beings on this planet can ultimately be linked together by something positive compared to the all-too-often insane notion of national politics (us vs them). There is a common thread that runs through all of humanity and once in awhile I stumble on it in places I never expect.


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