Friday, January 21, 2005

Businessweek: Linux Incorporated

Businessweek has always truck me as miles above tabloid business publications like Forbes and this article merely confirms my high opinion of Businessweek. It is an outstanding must-read article for people interested in the emerging competition facing Microsoft, despite the best efforts of the Bush regime to reward entities that engage in anti-competitive behavior (namely the laughable Ashcroft "settlement" with Microsoft).

This is an outstanding article on the heartburn Linux is giving that bloated, creepy, virus-ridden pile of crap operating system known as Windows. God, oh God, how I hate Microsoft and Windows. I've had to use Windows XP on my laptop since coming to law school and I have pretty much hated every minute that I've had to use this bloated buggy piece of crapware. Were it not for the fact that I've come to actually LIKE OneNote (and OneNote sadly will not run with Cross Over or Win4Lin), Windows wouldn't even exist on my computer.


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