Friday, February 18, 2005

Free as in Freedom: "New Linux"

I came across an article from on freedom and Linux worthy of review.

“Linux is inextricably political -- and deliberately so, from its very inception. The OS itself is a tool, as sharp, bright, and beautiful as it may be; creating a better world, in which human beings cooperate rather than fight each other ‘to achieve the same exact ends’ which is, from my perspective, the goal.”

Part I here


Part II here.

And Comrads, don't forget this article as well...

Poor, White and Pissed

A Guide to the White Trash Planet for Urban Liberals
by Joe Bageant
If you are reading this it is very likely that you are a liberal, maybe even an outright screaming burn down the goddam country commie --in which case I say, “Come sit by me comrade! (Especially if you are a blonde.) Like most lefties you probably live in an urban area, or someplace with reasonable cultural diversity. More than likely you are educated and can read this without moving your lips. Maybe you even live in the freethinking People’s Republic of Berkeley, or bustle along under the fabled lights of Manhattan where you can see independent films and buy such things as leeks and soy milk at your grocery store.


At Friday, February 18, 2005 11:33:00 PM, Blogger Orangina said...

Great article. Thanks for posting the link.


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