Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Apple's OS X on Windows OR Aquify Your PC.

Panther on Gentoo Linux

While suffering from the flu along with envy of my pilot friend's iMac (and being in zero mood for cleaning up my outline on Anticipatory Repudiation), I decided to pass along some of my links on making a Windows or Linux based PC a bit more interesting.

PearPC is a heck of a creature to get installed, but if you are willing to take the time and follow some instructions you can run Macintosh OS X on Windows or Linux.

PearPC Screen Shots Here.

And Here are screen shots of the install process from the Sourceforge site.

A Nice Section of Faq's on running Apple's OS X under Windows and Linux, and what PearPC can and cannot do (it's actually a PowerPC emulator).

Here's the section of Links on getting various editions of OS X running under Windows / Linux.

If you aren't up for the full geek experience of running OS X on your PC, here's an amazingly complete theme and heavily tweaked out package to "Aquify" your Windows System.

FlyakiteOSX - I've installed this on my laptop and I've found it to be surprisingly stable and pretty darn impressive.

Screen Shots of what FlyakiteOSX can do for you. Not Bad Eh?

FlykiteOSX won't last long, so I suggest if you like it you download it while it's still available.

If FlyaKiteOSX is a bit too much, check out and give crappy Windows a make-over with a nicer set of Linux and OS X style icons.

Check out CrystalXP.NET

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