Friday, February 04, 2005

Why Does Windows Still Suck? [Repost from Slashdot]

I have been less than happy with my Windows laptop lately, but not for reasons that relate to trojans, viri, worms, etc (I've never had that problem, but I have had plenty of things go haywire after applying services packs and patches).

With me, it's more of an ethical / philosophical thing than anything else. Plus, I resent having to use something I believe is a pile of steaming overpriced [insert choice of words here]. It's like being forced to drive a Pinto and told "It's what everyone drives, therefore it must be good. " OR WORSE - "Look at how wonderful President Bush is! Isn't he great! Thank GOD for President Bush after those horrible years of Bill Clinton! Embrace Beloved Leader / Windows and be happy!"

Makes me ill.

Below is a repost of a story appearing on Slashdot. I thought I would share the rant as well as the question - Why DOES Windows Still Suck?

"SF Gate's Mark Morford asks: Why Does Windows Still Suck? After wtaching his significant other's Windows PC drown in a sea of viruses and worms after only 4 minutes on her new DSL connection, Mark Morford wonders why the masses have not stormed Redmond waving torches and scythes in anger over the never-ending security flaws in Windows. Why haven't they jetisoned the foul beast from Redmond and migrated en mass to the Macintosh or even Linux?"


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