Friday, October 22, 2004

Currency News

Where does MajQa' like to go for currency news and views, and where does he get off blabbing about the declining Dollar, the budget deficit and so on? Here is just one of the sources I enjoy pulling info from (aside from Bloom, Buffett, WSJ, etc).

They have some great reports from time to time, and generally speaking when you see arrows that point down - that's the Dollar. Why is this a big deal? Well... Sooner or later oil exporting countries are going to grow tired of denominating their oil exports in a currency that is fast becoming the Peso, and when they switch to the Euro - oh boy - THAT will be an interesting day.

Bush just signed another $150+ billion in "tax relief" for corporations. Let's see, the deficit is $500 billion give or take, plus another $136+ billion - oh screw it. Wahoo! Praise The Lord and pass the Mastercard!


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