Monday, October 25, 2004

Law School Confession

I must confess.

I am disgusted with law school.

Why the disillusionment?

My Intro to Law class has stained my love for law and wrung it out of my soul like water from a towel, and now all that is left is the calcified remains of a jaded human being. I could go on forever about this class, but it would probably push the boundaries of my own mental health to rant and rave about it. The one good thing about having this class forced down my throat is that, without it, I would have been happy and positive for much, much, too long. Happy and positive isn’t me. Jaded and bitter – that’s more my style. I’m not talking the tongue in cheek Promptergate cynical, I mean The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy – cynical. The dark stuff. I’m there. I feel that way.

I am now a solid two weeks ahead in my class materials, and this makes class a bit jarring due to the fact that almost all of my professors are still back at Week 6 (or worse). Something is definitely going wrong with the weekend section as the only class I have that is close to being timely is Contracts – a class where I think a handful out of 117 people got passing marks, and I am sorry to say I wasn’t one of them – unless the class average is a passing grade. The school has a reputation for flunking out half the class, but almost ALL of the class? Ouch.


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