Sunday, November 21, 2004

Are They SURE This Guy is a Republican?

In some ways the We're Not Sorry website is a pure laugh riot. I honest to God can't tell if it is for real-real, or if it is a parody, or maybe it is so dead on target that it is a parody of itself and doesn't know it. Whatever it is - it is definitely the opposite of the We're Sorry web site. While one is thoughtful, reflective and yet funny, the other is balls to the wall We'-re-Gonna-Kick-Your-Ass Blue State Commie hillarious.

I enjoy them both, but for different reasons.

Assuming this link still works and the picture is still there, check out the Happy Republican with the beer photo (it's the picture just after We Won! So Shut Up! picture with the American Flag backdrop). Notice anything? Ladies with grabby boyfriends - notice anything? Maybe it's just me.


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