Saturday, November 20, 2004

Nicotine Dreams (the adventure continues...)

Had a vivid dream last night that I went to my criminal law class – with a slight hangover and something I couldn't get out of my eye. That was my dream – Crimlaw with a bad headache. The prospect of having to attend the same class TWICE in a single day definitely makes a grumpy law student - grumpier.

I also dreamed I was some sort of monastic / Jedi-ish dude looking for Skull and Bones clues in an old Southwest church, but I got lost in its various corridors and had a heck of a time finding my way to the street – where it started to rain and I caught a cab back to awake-land.

Before going to bed I try to program my mind to keep working on law school while I sleep (I feel guilty if I’m not doing law school 24/7). Apparently, I have some debugging work ahead of me…


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