Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Canadian Bastards Post More Supluses! Those Liberal Idiots!

This just makes me sick. Why the hell can't Canadians get ANYTHING right??? They need to use ALL of their surplus capital to lower the crushing tax burden on the producers of their society, just like us - and get their act together to unleash the full benefits of capitalism! Power needs to be diverted into the hands of the few, not the many. Are all Canadians this stupid? (One can hope).

Don't worry Canada! Help is on the way! Bush is going to drop by (on or about November 30th) and give you some much needed advice. A $46 billion surplus in your EI fund? That's gotta hurt. That just screams incompetence.

OTTAWA - Auditor General Sheila Fraser has once again slammed Ottawa for running huge surpluses in the Employment Insurance fund.


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