Monday, October 25, 2004

Intro to Law Final

I am of two minds on this final exam.

I haven’t written that much in pencil since the 8th grade. There is simply no-way I am going to perform at my best on a law school exam if I can’t type it. From my understanding this is possible, just not for this particular class. If I had been able to use my laptop, I think I would have performed exceptionally well. Almost 90% of my time was transcribing my notes/scratch paper results into the essay book. Since I type at roughly 90 – 100 wpm, I could have finished the exam early instead of barely finishing it before the bell. Actually, I wasn't able to fully state everything I wanted to state thanks to having to write by hand.

Despite now being hand-crippled - I am not unhappy with my performance, due to the fact that I knew my definitions and rules for Assault, False Imprisonment, etc, and I think I IRAC'd through most of them "ok" given circumstance. No doubt my adjunct will destroy my score and I'll be stuck in Kindergarten again next semester, but my own perception and self confidence is going up (my adjunct will no doubt attempt to crush my spirit, but I think in some ways her being insanely hard on me proved to be of some benefit). On a real exam, providing I can type it, I think I’ll be just fine. And the same goes for the Contracts section of the exam - if I could have typed it I would have been fine, but being limited to scrawling with a dull pencil took its toll.

I am also glad the class is over, excluding the obligatory meeting with my adjunct. Now I can focus on the Finals.


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